Meet Abdulina, a shapeshifter from Los Angeles, CA. Whether it's through her clothes, hairstyling, modeling, or YouTube, she inspires people to express themselves and do what makes them happy no matter what people think! Check out her interview below to get a closer look at her life as a creative.

Tell us a mantra you live by?

"My life’s mantra is “Always pursue yourself and do not give a fuck about anyone else's opinion.”

How did you first discover your creativity?

"I guess I really discovered my creativity when I was in middle school. I suppressed a lot of emotions and instead expressed myself through creation. Dressing up and living in my own world full of characters I made up...the good old days! [laughs]. Also after doing acid at 14 years old, it changed my life forever."

What inspires you? What gets you hyped?

"MUSIC! I think it’s what really moves me the most. I can be listening to some jazz and I feel elegant and delicate but as soon as I hear some rock I’m fucking bouncing off walls. That energy is everything for my creative process...also my beautiful friends!"

What are you currently working on now?

"EVERYTHING! I want to rediscover my creative genius and help her grow. Creating YouTube content for Something Different Magazine, learning scripts and creating acting reels, make more clothes, learn some guitar... literally just expressing all parts of me."

What's the most fulfilling thing about being a creative?

"Feeding my soul. Creating and putting so much love and passion into something and seeing it all pan out better then expected. Creating a family with the people I work with and being able to express myself so freely. Everything about it enriches my soul."

As a creative, what is the hardest thing you've had to deal with?

"Knowing that people will always judge when they don’t understand. That’s exactly why I don’t give a fuck and do me. Doing the things I love make me happy and that’s all that matters."

What's the best piece of advice you can give?

"Find yourself. Love yourself. Feed your soul everything it needs. Keep an open mind and know that everything happens for the sake of your growth. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT."

What is your ART✰BISH moment?

"Being able to inspire people to express themselves and not give a fuck about others opinions."

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