Meet Nica Tan, a Los Angeles based makeup artist. In this week's ART BISH interview, we step in to her shoes for a Q&A to learn more about her and what it's like working for yourself in a creative industry.


Before we begin, Tell us a mantra you live by?

"I live by two mantras that keep me balanced and aligned. One is, “Whatever is meant to be yours, will always be yours” and, “The only thing you can control is where you put your own energy towards and how you react to things.”


so how did your journey as a creative all start?

"I first discovered my creativity when I was 10 years old and really enjoyed making arts and crafts in fifth grade. I always enjoyed creating things and being crafty and I remember always having a love for art. I would say the journey to where I am at now definitely hasn’t been easy but very empowering. I feel like I have found my true self through what I love to do and I am elevating to the best version of myself everyday through my love for makeup and by being a creative. It has definitely been eventful and at times discouraging, but it has helped me grow as a person."


What is your biggest inspiration?

"I would say my biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s a single mother with multiple jobs and has always been career driven. Ever since I was little, she was the best example of being an independent boss ass bitch! I love her to death and she definitely inspires me everyday. Also, I’m very inspired by the people I work with and the creative circle around me. I love being around people with the same hardworking mindset and good energy. I’m always open to learning more and growing with the people around me. I’m pretty much inspired by everything around me like coffee table books or billboards down Sunset Blvd. I envision so much for my career and manifest a lot towards my goals. I get hyped when I see a look I had in mind coming together or whenever I get booked for something I always wanted to be a part of like for a brand or person I always admired! I get pretty hyped whenever I accomplish any goal I set for myself, no matter how big or small."


what would your perfect day at work look like?

"I would say a perfect day at work is when I wake up and first thing I do in the morning is speak my blessings and affirmations into the universe and still get up on time. I am able to set up either in my studio or get to the set shooting location safely and on schedule. I’m able to put my art on whoever is modeling that day with ease and with everyone in good energy! I think it’s so important for the photos to be executed well if everyone is on the same page and stays motivated. If I have multiple shoots that day, I would just be moving around LA to get to my destinations. I do my job, touch ups if needed, get my money, and go home safely to a warm bed and Netflix! A perfect way to end my day is to be able to recharge and have time to myself. I meditate, journal, chill and thank the universe for another day of being able to do what I love to do!"


What is the hardest thing you've dealt with as a creative working for herself?

"I’d say the hardest thing to deal with is things you can’t control that comes with the job that will discourage you and have you feel like giving up. There will be rude people along the way and people who you thought supported you never show up to your events or support your business! I always say you can either be your biggest fan or your worst enemy to yourself. I still struggle with negative thoughts and moments where I doubt myself. Being a creative, I learned that there aren’t many guidelines so it’s a lot of learning about yourself and what you can handle. I learned to convert those negative thoughts as motivation and see how much I can keep elevating. The self doubt can get pretty difficult but being able to get out of that and to keep creating is very liberating."


What would your best piece of advice be?

"The best piece of advice I can give is to believe in yourself and stay focused on your own path! Conserve your energy and put in that time for yourself that your body deserves! You are your own temple that deserves all the positivity and love you can offer and can accomplish so much if you stick to it. Be consistent with your skills and take risks! You can grow so much more out of your comfort zone. Be your biggest fan and love yourself and you can take on the whole world."


alright, it's 5 years from now, what do you want your life to look like?

"I would absolutely love to have my own loft with a studio space in Downtown, LA. I want to have my own beauty company and build up my brand so much more. I want to sell clothes, prints, do makeup all over the world! I want to see my name on so many more things and have my work on billboards. I see myself being the key makeup artist for artists I’ve always dreamed of working with and growing and constantly meeting new people to work with. I want to be able to travel more because of my job and learn new skills. Hopefully, I can succeed more into modeling and other things as well. I want to be multifaceted and keep chasing the bag! I know wherever I will be, I will be successful and happy."


What are 3 things you can't live without?

"I absolutely cannot live without moisturizer specifically my Clinique face lotion, a speaker to play music, and some incense."


last but not least, What is your "ART BISH moment" (your proudest moment as a female creative)?

"My proudest moment definitely has to be when I was able throw an event called “CAMP by Creative Safehouse” last year! It’s a networking and photoshoot mixer for creatives in LA to get content and get your name around. It was a very successful night where me and my team were able to empower people face to face and see it all in action. I also felt most proud when I got to work on Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” or working with Adidas! Whenever I get to work with brands or people I’ve always looked up to, its a very surreal feeling. I work very hard and take in all the blessings and abundance the universe offers to me! I’m very proud of myself for what I have accomplished in my age and will continue to do my best to keep empowering people!"

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